Do You Have to Wear Socks at a Trampoline Park?

Do You Have to Wear Socks at a Trampoline Park?

March 30, 2023

Find out the answer to the question everyone's asking: "Do you have to wear socks at a trampoline park?" Here are the tips you need to know.

Trampolines have been around for almost 90 years now. In the time they have been around, they have become so popular that they are, in fact, part of the Olympics!  But rarely will you find an Olympic sport where shoes are not allowed, and socks are mandatory, eh? We know how you feel about wearing those “special” socks on the trampoline…we know you would rather go barefoot!

Unfortunately, there are genuine reasons why you should avoid going barefoot on the trampoline, and we will tell you why, along with the reasons why you should wear socks when going for a round of jumping. Do You Have to Wear Socks at a Trampoline Park?

Shoes on a trampoline can do more harm than good. 

Jumping on a trampoline while wearing shoes exponentially increases your chances of getting seriously injured. Shoes impede your feet’s ability to mold their shape. Feet are flexible, shoes are not, so the risk of causing tears, scratches, sprains, or fractures becomes real. 

And there is more… 

Shoes add weight to your feet, which can throw you off balance and disturb your coordination while jumping or doing flips.  Accidents are more likely to happen with shoes, and when you do fall, as you sometimes will, you can also injure the people around you. 

Your shoes can damage the trampoline’s surface too. Yes, shoes not only put you and the people jumping around you at risk, but they may also damage the trampoline mat. So, the next time you hop on the trampoline, it is best to avoid wearing shoes and choose safety. 

So, should you go barefoot or do you have to wear socks at a trampoline Park?

That’s a no again. You may love to go barefoot on the trampoline, but we recommend you wear socks, especially if you visit a communal trampoline park. And here’s why… 

Wearing those “special” socks while trampolining, you get a better grip on the trampoline surface and reduce the chances of slipping, falling, and injuring yourself. This is because trampoline socks are special and are designed with a non-slip bottom to give you a better grip and control over your movements. They also keep you comfortable while jumping by fitting snugly to your feet and not bunching up or moving around. 

Additionally, grip socks protect your feet from getting stuck or hurt if you land outside the trampoline's protective barrier. They are suitable for everyone, including kids, and enhance their grip and control during jumps, giving parents peace of mind.

Even though we keep the trampolines clean and sanitized, it’s always better to wear trampoline socks as an added protection against germs, especially in communal indoor trampoline parks. 

And grip socks will fit right in your budget.

Socks are a very economical alternative to an ER visit for a sprained ankle. A pair of trampoline socks will cost you less than $5, and you can take them home with you and bring them back on your next visit to the trampoline park.

Is there anything more to be mindful of when trampolining?

Other than wearing socks without shoes, there are no restrictions when on a trampoline.  Can you wear sweatpants to a trampoline park? Yes. Can you wear jeans to a trampoline park? Why not? What about shorts? You certainly can. As long as what you wear does not make you trip when you land, you are good to go on a trampoline. 

Trampoline socks at Altitude Trampoline Cedar Hill

At Altitude Trampoline Park, Cedar Hill, we will provide you with socks every time you visit. For us, your safety is our topmost priority. We want you to enjoy your bouncy retreat with us without worrying about your safety. We have trained our staff to always stay on the watch to protect our jumpers and make your experience a delightful one. You can visit our website to book your visit. 


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