Fun Things to do on a Trampoline

Fun Things to do on a Trampoline

March 30, 2023

Take your bouncing to the next level with these fun things to do on a trampoline.

The weekend is round the corner and you’re searching for things to do with the family. Someplace that has activities for everyone in the family…the adults and the kids. A place that’s also relaxing for you after a hectic work week! You instantaneously think of the Altitude Trampoline Park in Cedar Hill. But, you wonder…

“Will my kids get bored just jumping up and down on the trampoline?”

“Is there anything adults can do in a trampoline park?”

“Is it a good place to invite our friends  to go with us?”

Wonder no more, my friend. We have something to do for everyone. At Altitude Trampoline Park, Cedar Hills, a plethora of trampoline tricks, games, and activities are sure to keep your kids, your friends and their families entertained for hours. Whether you prefer to jump solo, with a friend, or with a group, our trampoline park has something for all of you.

Fun things to do on a trampoline by yourself

If you're at Altitude Trampoline Park alone, don't worry. There are plenty of fun things to do on a trampoline all by yourself. You can practice your flips, jumps, and tricks that you watched on YouTube privately instead of embarrassing yourself in front of your friends or family. Or, you could just enjoy some quiet bouncing time contemplating the theory of evolution. You can very well compete against  yourself by setting a high jumping record or by trying to take a selfie in mid-air.

What to do on a trampoline with a friend

If you're at Altitude Trampoline Park with a friend, there are still plenty of fun things to do on a trampoline together. You can play games like dodgeball, basketball, or just have fun bouncing the ball on the trampoline. You can also have fun doing your flips and tricks together or performing synchronized jumps. If you're feeling adventurous, you can try tandem flipping, where you flip together while holding hands. If you are already good at trampolining, you could try using the performance trampoline with your friend.

Fun things to do on a trampoline with a group of friends

Trampolining is more fun with a group of friends. Dodgeball and basketball would be way cooler with a bunch of players. You can also invent your own fun games to do on a trampoline. Improve teamwork with your friends by performing synchronized flips and tricks. If you're feeling really competitive, you can have a friendly jumping competition to see who can jump the highest or perform the most flips.

Want more things to do? Here are some cool games to play on a trampoline.

Practice your gymnastics skills

Are you and your friends amateur gymnasts or even professionals? The trampoline park might be a great place to practice some moves. When visiting with friends, a gymnastics battle is the way to go. The person who does the most flips with a successful landing on their feet is the winner. 

Play dodgeball

Divvy your group into two teams. Then one team plays offense and the other defense…all the while jumping together to avoid being hit by the ball or to actually take a high flying shot at the other team. Each hit counts as one point, and the first team to reach ten points (or whatever number you decide) wins. For an added challenge, blindfold either the defending or offensive team and watch the game get even more interesting.

Play basketball

When a basketball hoop and a trampoline come together, fun takes priority over skill. You need not be an adept player to score in this version of the game, and even if you fail to make a basket, you'll still have lots of fun playing with your friends. Try competing with your friends and see who can score the most hoops! 

Play hot potato

One player stands outside the trampoline while the others bounce inside. The player outside passes the ball to his/her bouncing companions, who must try to keep the ball moving without dropping it. The game continues until someone drops the ball. The player who drops the ball is eliminated. Play resumes until there’s only one person left bouncing and is declared the winner. This game can be seen as a contrast to dodgeball with the objective of catching the ball instead of avoiding it.

Play follow the leader

We have all played this game, but have you tried it on a trampoline? Gather in a circle around the trampoline and let the leader do their first trampoline trick. The next person in line must replicate the trick and add a new twist to it. This routine keeps building, with each participant adding their unique tricks to it. The first person to mess up the routine loses. Play this game to either show off all your trampoline skills to your friends or just use it as a fun activity at a family trampoline outing. 

Play trampoline poison

One player stands in the center of the trampoline with a soft ball (such as a foam ball or beach ball). The other players must bounce around the trampoline while trying to avoid being hit by the ball thrown by "it". If "it" manages to hit a player with the ball, that player must keep bouncing in the same place and hold their arms up to indicate they have been poisoned. Other players can unfreeze the poisoned player by bouncing into them. Once unfrozen, the player can continue bouncing and playing. The game continues until all players have been poisoned. The last person bouncing without being hit becomes the next “it”. 

Play jump and grab

This trampoline activity is suitable and enjoyable for both toddlers and teenagers. Attach colorful ribbons or balloons in a trampoline enclosure. The kids must jump and grab as many of the balloons or ribbons as possible. The player who collects the most items is the winner.

And if all that wasn’t enough, here are a 15 things to do in a trampoline park:

  • Have a jumping competition
  • See who can jump the highest
  • See who can perform the most flips
  • Have a synchronized jumping session
  • Have a synchronized flipping session
  • Play tag
  • Have a trampoline dance party
  • Create a trampoline obstacle course
  • Play Simon says
  • Practice your balancing skills
  • Practice your trampoline yoga flow
  • Practice your pilates moves
  • Practice your freestyle jumping
  • Try tandem flipping
  • Play trampoline knockout

Be it a hot summer day or a day out during the freezing winters, a visit to an indoor trampoline park is always a great idea. From tricks and games for teenagers to toddler-friendly options, we've got you covered at Altitude Trampoline Park, Cedar Hills. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and family and come experience the excitement of our trampoline park today!


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