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Safety is the topmost priority at Altitude Trampoline Park in Cedar Hill. This park is built to deliver enjoyment with maximum safety. We make sure that safety does not affect your amusement. Our qualified staff is always on a watch to protect the jumpers.

We use several types of equipment to prevent accidents

Soft Trampoline Walls

We are all set to make you high in spirits of amusement. The eight-feet tall soft yet strong walls surround every trampoline in this area. This allows the jumper to jump, hit the wall and bounce back on the trampoline in the same state. Hence, these walls remove all the dangers.

Safety Netting

The safety nets cover the entire trampoline at a height to provide overall protection to the jumpers. It can easily bear up to 150lbs per square inch.


The eight inches of quality padding covers the entire trampoline to provide a smooth bouncy surface. There are no uncovered springs and steel. Also, our trampolines have no gaps preventing the risk of falling.


The airbag promises you excitement-filled hours. Roll, jump and fly in these airbag without any fear. This bouncy surface, placed four feet high over the trampoline floor provides maximum protection.

Trained staff

Trained staff is a prerequisite for the smooth and profitable working of an amusement park. Regardless of the amount of customer contact, every employee at Altitude Trampoline Park in Cedar Hill contributes to the patron's enjoyment and safety.

Extensive Training

We provide rigorous training to our employees so that they can make jumpers comply with the rules. We use a variety of methods to teach them precise methods to deal with situations. Also, emergency safety drills and CPR training turns them into a protector.

Routine Inspections

We, at Altitude Trampoline Park in Cedar Hill, dedicate ourselves to the safety and security of our customers. We believe in establishing a 'safety culture' in our park which ensures that our employees are ready for any incident. Routine inspections are a way of our streamlined approach of training employees thus making it a valuable addition to the park. Our staff works on best safety practices that are above the industry standards.

TRAINED STAFF Your Safety is Our Number One Priority

We're extremely proud of our staff at Altitude Trampoline Park in Cedar Hill. Every employee is dedicated to your safety and to providing professional customer service and attention.

You'll find there's much more to our staff than friendly faces. An ability to enforce our safety rules is a prerequisite to employment. Every candidate is screened for qualities and experience we feel will contribute to the safety of our customers.

Comprehensive Training

Court monitors are the lifeguards of our trampoline park. They undergo class room-style education, video presentations, group discussions, and emergency safety drills.


Our entire management team is CPR certified.

Routine Safety Reviews

We are committed to the safety of our guests and go above and beyond industry standards to make sure that our park is safe. We hold routine meetings with our team members to review best safety practices and procedures to ensure each of our guests has an enjoyable experience.

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