Toddler Time

Toddler Time at Altitude Cedar Hill

Trampolining can be real fun especially at a place that is safe, healthy and suitable for all. At Altitude Trampoline Park Cedar Hill, we make the safety of the jumpers our top priority. Our carefully-laid trampolines are well-shielded and can easily accommodate children of all age groups. Best, the qualified staff at Altitude Trampoline Park Cedar Hill is always available to help you, and most of our equipment is specially made to prevent accidents and untoward incidents. We lay emphasis on:

1. Soft Trampoline Walls

We are all set to make you high in spirits of amusement. The eight-feet tall soft yet strong walls surround every trampoline in this area. This allows the jumper to jump, hit the wall and bounce back on the trampoline in the same state. Hence, these walls remove all the dangers.

2. Safety Netting

The safety nets cover the entire trampoline at a height to provide overall protection to the jumpers. It can easily bear up to 150lbs per square inch.

3. Padding

The eight inches of quality padding covers the entire trampoline to provide a smooth bouncy surface. There are no uncovered springs and steel. Also, our trampolines have no gaps preventing the risk of falling.

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